Salon Services

The highest quality hair products can only be made better by the most experienced professionals. Covering a range of services including hair extensions, Hair Styling, Beauty Treatments, Hair Pieces, Wigs and Dance hair – and all from our Hair Salon in Salisbury.

Our beauty treatments


Threading £15
Waxing £15
Tint & Wax £30
Tint & Thread £30
Eyebrow/Lash Tint £15



Full Face Waxing £45
Lip/Chin Waxing £7
Lip/Chin Threading £7
Full Face Threading £45
Ear/Nose Hard Wax £15



Cluster £25
Individual £50
Volume Fans £75
Eyelash Lift & Tint £45
Hybrid Lashes £65
Russian Volume Lashes £75
2 Week Infills
Individual £35
Hybrid £40
Volume £45



Gel Pedicure £30
Gel Manicure £25
Spray Tan £25
Gel Extension £40
Acrylic £40
Nail Extension Removal £25
Acrylic Nails Infills £25
Gel Extension Infills £25
Acrylic Extension Removal & Re-Apply £65
Gel Extension Removal & Re-Apply £65



Fully Body (80 mins) £80
Back Massage (50 mins) £50
Arm Massage (30 mins) £30
Foot Massage (30 mins) £30



Facial (30 mins) £30
Luxury Facial (60 mins) £60



Brazilian £45
Bikini Line £35
Forearm £25
Full Arm £35
Half Leg £30
Full Leg £45
Underarm Wax £25



Wash & Blow Dry From £35
Hair Extension Wash & Blow Dry £45
Hair Extension Wash, Blow Dry & Style £55
Wig Wash & Blow Dry £45



Hair Styling £35
Occasion Hair Styling £45
Night Out Hair Styling £35

Hair Extensions & Fitting

Prices are for fitting only. Hair cost is separate.


Installation (Full Head) £145
Installation (Half Head) £100
Full Head Nano Removal & Re-Installation £185
Half Head Nano Removal & Re-Installation £125
Removal £42
Tweak £20



Installation (Full Head) £145
Installation (Half Head) £100
Invisible Weave Removal & Re-Installation £185
Half Head Invisible Weave Removal & Re-Installation £105
Removal £42
Tweak £20



Pre Bonded Installation £200
Pre Bonded Removal & Re-Installation £240
Removal £60
Tweak £35



Cave Closure Installation £115
Removal & Re-Installation £155
6×6 Closure Installation £145
6×6 Closure Removal & Re-Installation £190
Ear to Ear Closure Installation £180
Ear to Ear Closure Removal & Re-Installation £235
Ear  to Ear Closure Removal £45
Closure Tweak £20
Toupee Installation £115
Toupee Removal & Re-Installation £155
Toupee Removal £42
Toupee Tweak £20



Tape Installation (Full Head) £135
Tape Installation (Half Head) £100
Full Head Tape Removal and Re-Installation £195
Half Head Tape Removal & Re-Installation £160
Removal £60
Tweak £20



Micro Crossed Weft Installation (Full Head) £145
Micro Crossed Weft Installation (Half Head) £100
Full Head Micro Crossed Weft Removal and Re-Installation £155
Half Head Micro Crossed Weft Removal & Re-Installation £105
Removal £42
Tweak £20



Full Head Mesh Integration System Installation £235
Full Head Mesh Integration Removal & Re-Installation £295
Half Head Mesh Integration Removal & Re-Installation £250
Removal £50



Initial Nano Ring Installation £185
Initial Nano Ring Installation (Half Head) £125
Initial Tape Installation £185
Initial Tape Installation (Half Head) £150
Initial Invisible Weave Installation £185
Initial Invisible Weave Installation (Half Head) £150
Initial Micro Crossed Weft Installation £185
Initial 6×6 Closure Installation £185
Initial Full Head Mesh Integration £295
Initial Toupee Installation £185
Initial Pre Bonded Installation £250

Hair Pieces & Aftercare

HAIR PIECES (synthetic)

Half Head Wig £35
Full Head Wigs £45
Short Party Wig £20
Lace Frontal £75
Clip Ins £25-£45
Ponytail £25
Headband Fringe £10
Bun Scrunchies £15
Strip Eyelashes £4.99+

View all synthetic hair pieces here.



Vegan Hair Extension Shampoo (500ml) £19.99
Vegan Hair Extension Conditioner (500ml) £19.99
Vegan Heat & Protect Spray £13.99
Tangle Teezer £9.99

View all aftercare products here.


PRP & PRF Injections £399

PRP & PRF is a cosmetic treatment that stimulates collagen production by injecting it under the skin and applying platelets, which are one of the components of blood.

PRP & PRF contains proteins, including growth factors and cytokines. These proteins help skin tissue and hair follicles repair itself.

The addition of PRP & PRF injections may speed up the healing process and stimulate skin renewal, potentially producing better results.


1 Injection £25
When taken with a salon product £20
6 month course £110
12 month course £200

The benefits of B12 include: increased energy, helps with weight loss, boosts immune system, helps reduce hair loss, increases concentration, improves quality. ofsleep, helps iron absorption.

Signs of deficiency: pins and needles in hands/feet, fatigue, gut disorders like coeliacs disease or ulcerative colitis, anaemia, headaches and migraines, anxiety, constant mouth ulcers, forgetfulness.

Vitamin d

Vitamin D £75

Vit D benefits: supports immune system, Strengthens bones, strengthens muscles, fights inflammation, supports brain function, helps depression, supports treatment of hypertension (high blood pressure), studies show promising results in alleviating arthritis, alleviates seasonal affective disorder syndrome

Signs of deficiency: brittle bones, depression, seasonal affective disorder syndrome (SADS), constant infections or low immunity, muscle pain, hair loss, fatigue, longer wound healing, chronic kidney or lvier disease, coeliacs or Crohn’s disease.


1 Injection £50
6 Injections £240
12 Injections £420

Biotin benefits: healthy hair, nails and skin, supports metabolism, balances blood sugars, protects brain function, maintains a healthy cardiovascular system, supports thyroid and adrenal functions, prevents hair loss, dandruff and/or scalp itchiness.

Signs of deficiency: Alopecia, hair loss/thinning, eczema/psoriasis, lethargy, brittle nails and hair, scaly skin rash around the eyes, nose and mouth.


Japanese Head Spa can help with scalp problems such as eczema and psoriasis, which is commonly caused by inflammatory conditions.

The head spa will treat such inflammatory conditions by acupressure to increase the blood flow to your head. Not only will it promote the health of your scalp and hair, but it also helps relieve stress from headaches, migraines, and so much more more. It brings immediate relaxation, deeper and long-term benefits of a natural sleep-enhancing therapy to boost mental clarity.

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