Micro Crossed Weft Installation Course


The Hair Extension Cave are excited to present our ONLINE training academy!

That means for the first time EVER we have our much-loved training available ONLINE for you to learn at home in your own time!

The best thing is… You don’t need any prior experience to take these courses!

You will receive GHPE (Guild of Professional Hair Extensions) accreditation immediately upon completing and passing the course.

I will teach you everything that you need to know to get started and begin working with clients.

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Micro crossed weft Hair Extension course is a leading weft method a level up from your normal micro weft, instead of having the hair attached straight to the ring where it can slip this is crossed at the connection so it doesn't slip as easily and lasts longer and is more comfortable and can hold more weight as it's taken over a larger surface area.
This method is perfect for that big bad and boujee look some of your customers ask for, it is also perfect for blending those blunt thick cuts especially those blunt bobs.
I also offer this method to my customers that have a very hectic lifestyle and don't have as much time for maintenance as others.
This course is a must-have to offer your clients variety and the latest leading trends.
In this course, we will go through everything with you from consultation, preparation, installation, maintenance, how to cut, style and even how to take photos! Not to mention aftercare, removal, disclaimers, hair quality, pricing and how to market your business!
See course overview here: Micro Crossed Weft Installation Course


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