The Hair Extension Cave Salon

Meet The Team

Molly Cook
Molly has been in the hair industry since she was 14 and got into the hair extension industry 10 years ago - she has never looked back! After seeing a demand for high quality service, aftercare and training, Molly continued to open up the salon, online store with her own products and training academy to share all her secrets and years of wisdom!
Charlene Thornborough
Photographer/Hair Extensionist

Charlene has been photographing for 3 years. She specialises in fashion, boudoir/glamour and creative portraits as well as special occasions such as weddings, christenings and other special family events.

Chloe Farrant
Junior Hair Extensionist

Chloe is one of our Juniors and is currently completing her hair extension training in the salon.

Carly Jay
Aesthetics Practitioner

Carly specialises in lips, contouring with dermal filler, antiwrinkle, fat dissolving and helping to create younger skin/eyes.

Liam Bayford

After renovating the salon Liam has returned to barbering and is available Monday-Friday 3-5pm

Carmel Bell
Japanese Spa

Carmel creates the most luxurious and relaxing facials and treatments which are customised just for you.

Ashleigh Careless
Massage Therapist

Ashleigh specialises in massage therapy including Deep Tissue and Sports Massage.

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